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My website's privacy policy is set out below:

Why do I need your personal information?
When you use my contact form to get in touch with me, I need your name and e-mail address to reply to your message. You do not need to send me any other information.

How is your personal information used?
Your personal information is used only so I can reply to your message.

Is your personal information shared?
Your personal information will not be shared with any external sources.

How is your personal information protected?
When you send me a message via my contact form, a copy of the form is sent to a secure, password-protected e-mail account.

How long will your personal information be kept?
I will only keep your personal information for as long as necessary. You have the right to be erased from the system once your enquiry is dealt with.

What personal data does this website capture?
The website automatically captures your IP address, which is the method or protocol by which data is sent from one computer to another on the Internet. This is so a user's location can be recorded, in case of any attempt to hack or crash the website. The plug-ins used on this website - Soundcloud, YouTube and Foxyform - also capture data allowing them to run correctly on your device.

You can find a full list of the data this site captures here.

Your consent
By submitting your personal information, you signify your consent for me to use the information to contact you.

Your rights
If you have any concerns about how your data is used, get in touch via my contact form.

This policy was updated on May 26th, 2018 and may be revised at any time.

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